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Senior AI Engineer (f/m/d)
at 1&1

(1 month, 1 week ago)

Job Description

  • From marketing to customer service: you will develop your own machine learning pipelines for all departments of 1&1.
  • You will develop AI services for real-time inference for trained models (LLMs) on a Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • You will develop and evaluate AI services in the Azure Cloud.
  • In collaboration with data scientists, AI architects and AI consultants, you will design new solutions for the comprehensive digitalization of our company.
  • You will ensure that the models always generate the desired added value and work on the continuous improvement of existing solutions.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • Passion for development: you are enthusiastic and passionate about development and have extensive experience in developing complex software in a business system environment. A keen interest in user experience and the elegance of software architecture is an advantage.
  • Analytical skills: You have extensive experience working with data and are able to conceptualize profitable data products.
  • Cross-functional tasks: We expect a willingness to train your own models as well as develop AI applications from frontend (Django/React) to backend services (FastAPI).
  • Python development: Extensive experience in backend development with Python or similar programming languages is required. You should be confident in using common machine learning libraries (Scikit Learn, Pytorch) and have experience with REST services, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience with the use of GPUs (CUDA), front-end development (DJANGO, REACT) and cloud computing (Azure) is desirable, but not a requirement.

About the Company

  • Attractive salary
  • Strong community of team players
  • Trust-based working hours with flexible scheduling and the option to work up to 40% mobile
  • Numerous on- and offline training opportunities
  • Discounts on 1&1 products and for various leisure activities
  • In-house restaurant
  • Free drinks and fresh fruit
  • Job bike allowance

Contact Info

Desired skills:

Back end, Cloud, Front end, Machine Learning


Karlsruhe, Germany (On-site only)

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