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Senior Python/Django Developper
at Evaboot

(3Β weeks, 5Β days ago)

The worst Python-Django backend refactoring mission of all time?

Are you looking to refactor some horrible messy code?

Let's do it together. πŸŽ‰

Evaboot in few words:

  • remote-only company.
  • bootstrapped.
  • 2M€ ARR in 2.5 years with 2 people.

We are building software to help sales teams create prospecting databases from Linkedin.

Here is a demo of the tool:

Roadmap of the job

β†’ For the next 2 months, you will refactor the Python-Django backend code of Evaboot. It will not be a rebuild, but a continuous refactoring of the existing codebase. β†’ After that, you'll dive right into new features development: we got many pain points to solve for our users β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή.

❓How: You will work directly with Robin ❓ Where: anywhere on the planet β€” we are remote since day one.


β†’ Serious experience in Python, Django & Celery. β†’ You have eaten a lot of spaghetti code before 🍝 (and not just your own).

Bonus points

β†’ you worked with the Heroku Cloud ecosystem. β†’ you worked with Django REST framework. β†’ you worked on scraping projects.

What's guaranteed

β†’ Intense execution pace & exponential learning curve. β†’ Zero bullshit environment. We focus mostly on results and KPIs. β†’ No wasted code. We take user pain seriously, code is here to solve it.

How To Apply

Apply right here:

Don’t be shy β€” autodidacts are very welcome.

We guarantee a fast recruitment process in a maximum of 2 weeks.

PS: Recruitment agencies, headhunters, outsourcing development or any other equivalent are not welcome here.

Desired skills:

Django, Python, Celery


(Remote OK)