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Senior remote Python developer wanted
at FIRMA Engineering

(2 weeks, 1 day ago)

Job description

A Python developer is wanted to join a small team working on custom CAM (Computer Aided Modelling) automation software. The software is being developed for a very large construction project, using innovative techniques developed specifically for this task.

This is a remote-only position for a contractor. Work will be done in a very small, flexible team that currently consists of one other software developer (contractor) and one mechanical engineer (FIRMA employee).

The project is currently open-ended in length, with various ways the scope is likely to increase.

Paid monthly on an hourly rate that is negotiable depending on experience level.


  • Senior Python programmer with at least 5 years software development experience. Python is currently the only programming language we're using, but as the project expands, experience with other languages is likely to be a plus.

  • Must be resident in the UK.

  • “Full stack” - able to independently design and produce an entire piece of software, from the user interface layers down to the back end.

  • Excellent problem solving abilities.

  • Experience with testing and correctness methodologies.

  • Good knowledge of general programming best practices, including good use of VCS (git).

  • Ability to work directly with the customer to understand their needs and priorities - excellent communication skills are necessary.

In terms of specific technology skills, experience with the following would be helpful, although none are essential if you are a talented developer who can learn quickly:

  • 3D geometry and vector mathematics

  • 3D graphics

  • Desktop GUI applications (cross-platform)

  • Embedded DSLs, compilers/interpreters.

  • Databases

The current software technology stack we’re using includes:

(Note that most development is currently done on Linux using cross-platform libraries, it could probably be done on Mac OS as well - you can use your own tools. A Windows laptop provided by the customer is needed for some of the work)

  • SQLite

  • numpy/scipy


To apply, email us a CV and cover letter that describe your ability as a software developer, your experience and why you'd be a good fit for this role. Contributions to Open Source projects are a very welcome way to show your ability, if possible.


FIRMA Engineering is a small, established engineering consultancy with an excellent reputation. This software project is for one of their larger clients. See their website for more details.


Remote / Sheffield, United Kingdom (Remote OK)