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Remote Senior Python Engineer - Fully Remote
at Supertab [Closed]

(11 months, 2 weeks ago)

Job Description

  • Working within a team of engineers and product managers to understand product requirements and translate them into technical solutions.
  • Playing a leading role in technical scoping and architecture discussions
  • Contributing clear, functioning and tested code and supporting it in production
  • Setting up and managing tooling
  • Helping to create a culture of continuous improvement within the company
  • Identifying and fixing bugs, issues and performance bottlenecks


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


  • Has experience in a senior level role working in a complex domain
  • Has deep experience with at least part of our tech stack, especially Python (Pydantic, SQLAlchemy, Mypy, Pytest, Django, FastAPI).
  • Translates ideas into projects, and is comfortable leading projects and being sought out by others as a technical resource.
  • Makes informed decisions about software design, architecture, tech debt and product tradeoffs and seeks advice from others when needed
  • Communicates well with non-technical team members to understand needs and give technical advice.
  • Has a good command of English: written and verbal, producing and understanding. As a distributed team we primarily communicate via Slack so the ability to clearly and completely communicate in written English is vital. If you are interested in the role but don’t meet all the criteria listed above, please apply anyway. We understand that growth is continuous and are committed to helping you grow at Supertab.

About the Company

Supertab is a patented payments platform that can help supercharge the way customers buy digital goods and services. By aggregating purchases of any size, including micropayments and fractional payments, Supertab makes tiny payments possible. We’re a small, entirely remote, engineering lead startup partnered with major distributors at the beginning of a period of huge growth.


AllHands (biannual team event) Annual training and personal development budget Paid sick leave Paid time off Distributed, international team Flexible work Company laptop

How We Work We care more about the things you do than whether you’re at your desk at 9am every day. That said, most of us work Monday - Friday from 7ish UTC to 4ish UTC, and ideally you’ll overlap at least 4 hours with that. We try to be as asynchronous as possible, but still feel that we need some “synchronicity” to work well.

Our values are

Be fearless. Be entrepreneurial. Simplify things. Own your decisions. Your successes. Your mistakes. Enjoy diversity and inclusion. Work as a team. Trust each other.

Check out our Behind the Scenes blog for more insight on how we work.

Building a remote culture: 5 lessons learned How to be new at Supertab (formerly LaterPay)

Apply If this sounds interesting, please apply here:

Upload your CV. Let us know in your cover letter how working with us leverages your past experiences or connects with your future goals,

Our preference goes to applications with cover letters. Read a thing about why here.

Deadline We will be accepting applications until June 16th. We’ll spend time reviewing applications until June 23rd -- No need to check in with us if you don’t hear anything back from us during this time!

Pay range Up to €85k / year, negotiable based on experience and skill level.

Contact Info


Munich (but job is remote), Germany (but job is remote) (Remote OK)

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