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DevOps Engineer
at Lincoln Loop [Archived]

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Description of role

Lincoln Loop is looking for a remote DevOps Engineer to join our team. This role will serve as additional support to our DevOps Architect, ideally taking over the role once integrated into the team. This is a full-time W2 position with flexible hours. A salary will be determined based on an hourly rate of $75-110, depending on experience.

We support multiple clients on AWS. They are primarily hosting web applications using the Python/Django web framework, but may also have other things running in AWS such as data pipelines, remote workspaces, etc. We also operate a growing platform-as-a-service offering on top of AWS, AppPack, and provide support for that as well.


  • Maintain AWS infrastructure for our clients
    • Keep Terraform configurations up-to-date
    • Monitor SecurityHub and GuardDuty alerts and respond appropriately
    • Identify cost-savings opportunities
  • Provide reporting to give clients better insight into their infrastructure performance and costs
  • Investigate/debug site outages or performance issues
  • Add new functionality as required by clients and spec'd by the DevOps Architect


  • At least four years working with AWS professionally with knowledge of VPC, ECS, RDS, ALB, and Cloudformation
  • Experience with Terraform
  • Self-motivated, manager-of-one with experience working on a remote team
  • Able to context switch between multiple projects/environments in a day
  • Comfortable performing repetitive tasks such as cost reporting, alert monitoring, and routine upgrade/maintenance
  • Strong documentation skills, with a proven ability to accurately and thoroughly document solutions and architectures as they are created

Ideal candidate will have

  • One or more AWS certifications
  • Working knowledge of Python/Django and Go
  • Strong Linux knowledge
  • Experience with AWS Lambda, Step Functions, DynamoDB, and Eventbridge
  • Kubernetes and Helm experience
  • Experience with popular CI providers such as GitHub Actions or CircleCI
  • Experience working as a freelancer or in an agency environment balancing work for multiple clients/projects

Location/Language requirements

  • Please note that due to specific client requirements, this position is open only to candidates based in the United States. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer sponsorship at this time.
  • Fluent English speaker with strong written and verbal communication skills

Typical Tasks

  • In Terraform, set up a new S3 bucket, IAM policy, and IAM Identity Center group who can access it
  • Review SecurityHub alerts and suggest remediation options
  • Debug and isolate issues our clients have in using resources at AWS
  • Respond to alerts and site outages
  • Review infrastructure for improvements in monitoring, redundancy, or security stance
  • Root cause analysis on an application failure
  • Identify cost savings opportunities

Lincoln Loop

Ops Philosophy

  • We have a strong preference towards cloud-native managed services (ECS Fargate, Lambda, RDS, etc) -- we aim to reduce maintenance/toil type work by minimizing the amount of work necessary to keep infrastructure running.
  • Try to work yourself out of the job by continually removing or automating manual tasks.
  • Provide enough documentation such that a new hire could get up-to-speed quickly.

About Us

Lincoln Loop was established in 2007 as a Django web consultancy. Since then, we have grown to offer full-stack web development, from discovery to DevOps. Since our founding, we’ve shipped non-trivial projects for Smithsonian Magazine, NASA, Planned Parenthood, Home Depot, PBS, Wharton Interactive, and Evite. We strive to build pragmatic, sustainable solutions for good.

We hope you’ll join us in tackling big problems.

What we offer

  • The opportunity to work on exciting projects with a diverse, global team.
  • A supportive, collaborative work environment that values pragmatism, creativity, and sustainability.
  • Flexible working hours to accommodate your schedule.
  • Profit sharing.
  • A mature software development team with experienced management.

Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to building a diverse team and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We look forward to working with people who bring new perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to our team. As a fully remote team, we hire from all cultures and backgrounds.

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Desired skills:

django, python, devops, ecs, aws, terraform, sre, ops


remote (US only) (Remote OK)